Based in the Kansas City area, Personal Best Pilates Studio is the first fitness studio devoted exclusively to Pilates in Overland Park, KS. We are a fully equipped studio featuring Mat, Reformer Pilates, along with Cadillacs, Chairs, and other Pilates Equipment. We are passionate about teaching you the art of Pilates and how it can strengthen your body, mind, and spirit. Our team of Experienced instructors come from a vast base of Pilates training. This helps us pair you with just the right style of teaching to best suit your needs and goal!

Becky Norton Suarez, PMA-CPT, NCPT

Becky discovered Pilates in her early 40's when the toll of scoliosis, a C-section and the challenges of raising two young children developed into chronic low back pain. Pilates became the "miracle" cure, and Becky decided she had to share this with as many people as she could! Now in her late 50's Becky has been teaching Pilates as her full time career since 2008 and is the Founder and President of Better Bodies Pilates, LLC which purchased Personal Best Pilates Studio (est. 1999) in 2018.

Becky's original certification was from PBIA where she completed her training and 300 hour apprenticeship. In 2013 she became a Master Pilates Instructor from the Pilates Center of Boulder and passed her PMA/National Pilates Certification Program exam through the Pilates Method Alliance in 2011 which requires 16 hours of continuing ed every 2 years. Becky has studied under Kristi White and Rael Isacowitz while completing her BASI mat certification; Rachel Taylor Segel and Amy Taylor Alpers while completing her Masters Program.

Stephanie Doering, PMA-CPT, NCPT

Stephanie Doering was introduced to Pilates as a teenager during a summer Ballet and Modern dance intensive. She was delighted to continue studying Pilates with Dolly Kelepecz (DK Body Balancing) while pursuing her BFA in Dance Performance from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. After graduating in 2005, she moved to New York City to pursue a career as a concert dancer.

When Stephanie moved to the Midwest with her husband, she discovered Personal Best Pilates Studio. She completed her Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certificate from PBPIA and became PMA/National Pilates Certification Program certified in 2013. Stephanie blends both Classical and Contemporary Pilates to create a session specific to the needs of the client. Stephanie's continuing education includes Pilates for MS and other Neurological Conditions, the Pink Ribbon Program, and workshops at the PMA conferences with industry leaders. 

In 2019, Stephanie became Studio Manager and is grateful to be part of the Personal Best family.

Karen Staley, PMA-CPT, NCPT

Karen Staley has been teaching at Personal Best Pilates since 2005. She holds double Pilates Mat Certificates from Body Art and Science and Sciences International (BASI), as well as Personal Best Pilates Instructor Academy. After demonstrating excellent coaching and mentoring skills, she was promoted to Master Instructor for Personal Best Pilates Instructor Academy in 2006. She is responsible for teaching all levels of mat classes, as well as mat instructor training workshops. Karen earned her equipment certificate through PBPIA in 2012. She is a Pilates Method Alliance/National Pilates Certification Program Pilates Teacher (PMA-CPT/NCPT).

Karen has a background in secondary business education and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction. She believes that not all adults learn in the same way, and she strives to create a supportive environment that involves many different teaching techniques - verbal, tactile and visual.

Colette Majerle, PMA-CPT, NCPT

Colette was introduced and began practicing Pilates in 2005. She completed her Pilates mat training in 2008 and earned her Comprehensive Equipment Certificate in 2009. She became internationally certified through the Pilates Method Alliance/National Pilates Certification Program in 2010. Colette has an undergraduate degree in Anthropology from the University of Kansas, and a Masters of Business Administration from Rockhurst University. In addition to Pilates, Colette enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

Denise Settle, PMA-CPT, NCPT

Denise has been an avid fitness enthusiast for over a decade. After her Rheumatologist informed her about the mind/body connection Pilates offers as well as a focus on strength and mobility, her curiosity was piqued. As someone who has suffered from Arthritis since her teens, this seemed like a perfect pairing. She tried one Pilates class, was hooked! After several years of practicing the Pilates method began her quest to become a certified Personal Best Pilates Mat & Equipment Instructor in 2011.

Kari Jessip, PMA-CPT, NCPT

Kari was first introduced to Pilates while in college obtaining her BS in nutrition. Although she liked Pilates far better than “going to the gym,” she admittedly wasn’t hooked right away. Fast forward several years, add three C-sections, and an abdominal hernia, Kari found herself developing chronic back pain and knew that she was going to need to rebuild her core. After several failed attempts with a personal trainer, she dusted off her old Pilates DVDs and was amazed to find immediate relief! She had to know more, which lead her to enroll and complete mat training at Personal Best Pilates Instructor Academy (PBPIA) in 2012.

While not in the Pilates studio, Kari has three beautiful girls, an encouraging husband and two dogs to keep her busy. She also works part-time as an esthetician and has interests in holistic nutrition and zero balancing.

Mindy Yowell, PMA-CPT, NCPT

Mindy has been a loyal customer of Personal Best since 2007 after a friend persuaded her to try out an equipment class.  She was skeptical at first and nervous to try something new.  She has always been involved in fitness focusing on cardio and strength training, but Pilates was just the thing she needed to complete the circle for her fitness routine.  It strengthened her core, improved her posture and forced her to focus on proper alignment and form which had been neglected for so many years.  After her first class, she was hooked and rarely missed her Wednesday noon class for 8 years!

Mindy and her husband started DATACORE Marketing in 1991 where she handled database marketing campaigns and account service activities for a number of clients.  She left DATACORE in 2000 to stay at home with their daughter.  During those years, she served as her daughter’s Girl Scout leader and as PTA President for 2 years along with many other volunteer positions.   In 2015, another Personal Best instructor encouraged Mindy to get her mat certification since she was thinking about what she was going to do in the next phase of her life.  After obtaining her mat certification, she completed the comprehensive equipment certification through the Personal Best Instructor Academy along with the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)/National Pilates Certification Program in 2017.

Becky Kenyon

Kristen Faust

Kristen first started Pilates in her basement with a series of DVDs. She discovered Personal Best Pilates Studio in 2006 and was amazed at the difference working with a certified Pilates instructor made.

Pilates became a passion for Kristen and decided to share her love of Pilates with others in early 2011 when she received her Pilates Mat Certificate through Personal Best Pilates Instructor Academy. A mom of 2, Kristen and her husband also love baseball, coaching cheer and spending time at the lake with friends.

Carly Havner, RDH, MS

Carly was referred to Pilates by a physical therapist after years of work-related musculoskeletal issues. As a dental hygienist, Carly is familiar with the problems that arise from repetitive motions, and she found pain relief and recovery in consistent Pilates practice. Carly is also an educator by nature, and wanted to share her passion for Pilates and health development. This led her to complete her Pilates mat and reformer certification with Pilates Instructor Academy (PIA) in 2018.


In addition to her love of Pilates, Carly also has a Master’s of Science in Dental Hygiene Education and loves spending time with family and friends, enjoying the outdoors, and gardening.

Ann Tillery, LMT

Ann has been a massage therapist since 2001, graduating from Alternatives for Health, a massage therapy school located in Columbus, Indiana as well as the Massage Therapy Training Institute in Kansas City in 2004. Ann specializes in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Neuromuscular and Pre-natal massage and is also well versed in Reflexology and Sports massage.

Ann believes massage therapy plays an important role in leading a healthy well-balanced lifestyle. Massage is physically, emotionally and mentally beneficial and can greatly affect peoples’ lives in a positive manner. She has experienced first -hand how massage therapy can improve quality of life for everyone from infants to the elderly. Ann enjoys seeing the progress clients make through their sessions as well as educating them on the importance and the benefits massage therapy has to offer.

During her off time, Ann loves spending time with her husband Travis and dog. Traveling and spending time with each other’s family is very much a part of her life as well.

Jennie Bui-Leet, LAC

-Bastyr University, Kenmore, WA – Masters in Acupuncture 2006
-Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA – Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Minor in Chemistry 2002


Certifications and Licensures:
- National Certification and Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)
- Certified in Clean Needle Technique

- Licensed in Kansas State


Experience Treating:

Wellness, pain management, chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Addiction, Anxiety and Depression, Fertility and Morning Sickness, PMS and Menopause, Stress, Insomnia, Digestive Problems, Weight Loss, High Blood Pressure



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