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Personal Best Pilates Studio announces the return of our Apprentice Program!  Book a private appointment with a student instructor for our LOWEST price ever!

Meet our student instructors, Rhonda and Mindy.
Mindy and Rhonda have been studying hard this year to complete their course work to become a certified Pilates teachers. 

Our Pilates Teacher Academy courses are some of the most comprehensive in the world, but course work is only part of what it takes to become a well-rounded, fully certified Pilates teacher. It takes hands-on practice, as well as ongoing feedback from experienced mentors. 

To that end, we are so excited to announce that Mindy and Rhonda are ready to start their 300 hour student teaching apprenticeship! Beginning August 8th, we will be scheduling private sessions on the Pilates equipment with our student Pilates teachers. Every session will be supervised by one of our experienced, PMA Certified Teachers, so you know you will receive a safe and effective Pilates workout. Best of all, private sessions with student instructors are just $40 each!  (sold only in packages of 5). 

Click here to book online, or contact Amanda at 913-345-8787, ext 322, for more information.  Don't wait, though.  These sessions are limited and will fill up quickly!!!

*Apprentice sessions are sold only in packages of 5 sessions each. Offer only valid during the student teaching program.

Personal Best Pilates Studio is the ONLY Pilates Studio in the Kansas City area that requires PMA Certification for all our Pilates Teachers.
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