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Pilates for Golf

Take Care Of The Most Important Piece Of Equipment You Own… Your Body.

Introducing Pilates Golf Conditioning (PGC) - A golf-specific application of time-tested exercise and sports conditioning principles. Available now at Personal Best Pilates Studio and Performance Enhancement Center.

"I use Pilates… to develop the stability I need to generate more speed and power with less effort."
David Duval, Golf Digest, July 2002

What is Pilates Golf Conditioning?

The perfect golf swing requires balance, stability, flexibility and power – all in a split second. Pilates Golf Conditioning (PGC) combines the best of the Pilates method with unique sports-specific training drills to make sure your body is in the optimum condition each time you swing the club. By focusing on building core strength (the muscles in your trunk – abdominals, back and buttocks), PGC literally builds strength and muscle endurance from the inside out. Strong core muscles improve your posture, allowing you to maintain proper spinal alignment throughout your swing. PGC is a mind-body approach that improves your mental game as well as your physical game.

We'll Work with Your Golf Pro

Pilates Golf Conditioning gets your body in peak condition to play your best golf ever. A visit to your Golf Pro will help you analyze your swing and identify faults. We will collaborate with your Golf Pro to design a conditioning program that is focused on specific muscle groups leading to your swing faults. You’ll be amazed at the results!

How to Get Started

Call us at (913) 345-8787 to schedule an introduction and assessment. This is a private 50 minute session designed to introduce you to the equipment and the fundamentals of Pilates Golf Conditioning. During this session the trainer will conduct a thorough movement assessment, including postural alignment, flexibility, coordination, strength and balance, as well as any injuries or other special considerations. You will set goals with your trainer based on your body and lifestyle.

Personal Best Pilates Studio is the ONLY Pilates Studio in the Kansas City area that requires PMA Certification for all our Pilates Teachers.
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